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August 19, 2010     The Munday Courier
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August 19, 2010

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Website © 2018. All content copyrighted. Copyright Information.     Terms Of Use.     Request Content Removal. It's been a pretty full week sure if she's still in the hasp|- end for folks out this way. tal or not but Janice said she Teachers are getting ready for doesn't much think she is. their first day of school. The She's sere'and bruised but that football team scrimmaged will leave before long - it's just Knox City Saturday morning such good news that she has and other activities captured no broken bones. Be also said much of the residents' time. A David's doing pretty well. Has for her. Moorhouse, and I spent Sat- Jennie Williams continues urday in Amarillo visiting her to have some good days- some kids and grandkids, Beckie not so good but she's hanging and Cody and their families. in there. It always makes us It was Cody and Kyla'soldest, feel good to hear when she's Lexie's birthday so highlight feeling better, of the day was a party (com- JackYoung has been having plete with a Hannah Montana Can You Save for busy, busy time indeed, gained some weight and will some problems'and undergo- cake) at Mr. Gatti's Pizza Retirement Ind College? have his 2nd chemo treatment ing tests and scans to try to Place. A good day and lots of As another school year ap roaches, you may be thinking Be Milson suffered a fall at this week. Very encouraging determine the cause. The re- good visiting. On Sunday, about the day in which you'll 1)e sending your children off to her son, David s home, at Ce- news from both of them. sults were in on Friday. Jack Debbie and Mike visitedcollege. Can you afford to help them pay for school while still dar Hill last Monday. First re- Sharon Patterson Bivens fi- has a brain tumor and they are daughter Lynn and her hus- saving for your own retirement[?. ports back here were that she nally got her report after her getting an appointment this band, Michael Rogers, in There are many strate";es had some broken vertebrae in surgery 2 weeks ago. And now week with an oncologist and Snyder. retirement and your child~:s edqcation.tC~ exploreToWhenimplementSaving thefr rightYUr her neck and also a broken she will see an oncologist to after that meeting, they will Sue Terry and children,mix of options, it s important t~ discuss your situation with a collar bone, but on Sunday, determine what kind of treat- know what type of treatment Summer and Jake of Dallas, professional financial advisor, b~t here are some options to con- Janice Tolson received word ment she will have. Sharon will be used. Mary told me he spent the week end with Sue's sider: / from Be that she does not have had melanoma cancer manydoesn t feel too bad - just has room and dad, Jane Gideon Contribute to your 401 (k). ~inceL many people don't have any broken bones. That what years ago and had treatment at trouble with his equilibrium and Weldon Gideon and her u-limited funds available to --L-e for retirement and college, the doctors were seeing were M.D. Anderson so actually she and is dizzy from time to time. sister, Lana Mendoza and fam- it~'ts important to get the most ,.~.~";Lages~ possible from the money old scars from an injury when (and the rest of us) are very We pray for success with fly. invested. Try to utilize the tax-a lvantaged retirement accounts she was 19 years old. Not real anxious about what is ahead whatever treatment he does Linda Griffith was in Lub- available to you. For starters, cpntribute as much as you can have. I urge everyone to re- beck Thursday for a fun day afford to your 40 l(k) or other e~nployer-sponsored retirement member Jack, Sharon, Jennie with her granddaughter, Kate plan. Not only can your earning~ grow on a tax-deferred basis, and Be in prayers as well as and Abby Tyson, before the but your contributions are genefllally made with pretax dollars, other we may not be aware of. girlSjack,go baCkjr, andt school, so the more you contribute, thellower your annual taxable in- Cindy Young come -- which, in turn, could give you more disposable in- FullHook-Ups,& Cable TV,RatesAvailableOnly $12.00per day BrendaMY deepestFloyd andSympathy familyt of Round Rock spent several come to invest for college. In 2010, you can contribute up to Weekly Monthly this week - Brendahe's mom daySjack andhereMwith DebbiehiS parents,Niel, $16,500 to your 401(k), or $22,( 00 if you're 50 or older. , ary. Fund your IRA. Dependin on your income level, your Call (940) 422-5313 passed away last week after the Young s daughter who contributions to a traditional IR. may also lower your taxable or (940) 256-1595 being in failing health for quite lives in Boca Raton, Florida, income, again potentially freein up resources for college. Plus, 221 S. 12th-Office some time. Her funeral was will arrive at DFW today Friday in Munday. (Monday). Butch and Letha your earnings can grow tax deferred. If you qualify for a Roth Munday ~-- IRA, your contributions are notl~ax-deductible, but your earn- Young who live in the ings grow tax free. Withdrawals are also tax-free, provided XX _XX_xxxXXXx_X 2/, Josh and Nicholas Brumley metroplex will bring her to you ve held your account at leas five years and you don't start spent a few days with their Benjamin. Debbie will be here EWIS PAINT & BODY " " taking withdrawals until you relat least age 591/2. Also, you ~ EXCELLENCE ~SINCE 1952 ~ dad, Brandon, in Vernon.. be- for an indefinite time. She is can withd-aw,, ~ ~i:~--- ~---- ,. ~lil~ ~_~.Corm S~z Us Frost ~ Liddy,fre Thelrstay butmSter'de- an RN and her medical knowl- (since you ve alreadyRth IRAbeenCOntritlutionStaxedl on this withoUtmoney), payingso you couldtaxes ,, : ~ .~, No Joa Too LARG~ "d = edge will be helpful during this use these funds, if necessary, to ~elp pay for college costs, al- ~ ~. . ....... "" .. ~ OR Too SM~L'. ~ veloped a sore throat and had time. though ideally you d like to leav~ your account untouched un- , - 24U SERv crzWERcr zR cuperate).t come on back home (to re- Mitzi and Shane Welch til you retire. If eligible, you c@_ contribute up to $5,000, to were in Abilene Sund~y for a your traditional or Roth IRA in 2p10, or $6,000 if you re 50 or ~ "~ ~ ~,~Jennifer Roberts who lives reunion of his mothers fam- older. [ r,,r,T, ] ./.in Virginia, is here for a few fly. Mitzi said about 60 were Open a 529 college savings Iplan. Contributions to a 529 ~'ll OWNER ~ ,~ ""J ........... ~ ..... v ....... in attendance, plan are made with after-tax dollars. However, when you con- "IN LOVING MEMORY OF STERUNG I~WIS" ~ Kenneth and Jessie RobertsLaura McCanlies is in tribute to a 529 plan, your earnin'% grow tax free. Withdrawals OArORtVtOICl",WeAIt~rHEONt.yNAMErOUNEEDrOIOVOW. SeECtAUZllV~/I~ ~ and other relatives Jennifer -- school this week in Wichita are also tax-free, provided they ~re used for qualified higher MAJOR REPAIRS~ CUSTOM PAINTING A~ STRIPING, WINDSHIELD d~ DOOR GLASS ~ l~w~fl ~rt T~[.~,~ |anon for ~, WINDSHIELD REPAIR, WHEEl, AIJGNMENT AND FRAME b~FR.41GHTEHING. WE CAN ~t~ ........... J ....V ........~.- Falls. Hastodo with her work education expenses.(Withdrawalslfor expenses other than quali- so eezace ruose err we v wcg wcRe CA s. eral years before returning in the tax office, fled higher education expenditures may be subject to federal ~ 940DAYs6583342 940-658N~ms3629 KNOX106 NORTHcrr% TX795292ND ~ baCkM to thedaugOOdhterOle USDe bb~ef A. A city wide picnic was held and state taxes plus a 10% penalty) Furthermore, 529 plan con. ~~~7xxg~x~29xx,~ Y g , " in the park Sunday evening, tributions may be eligible for a state tax deduction or credit in The crowd was small as many certain states for residents who p~u'ticipate in their own state'-s ............. had other plans or were not plan. Also, the lifetime contribullion ~ ~7 able to attend for various other quite generous, and you can gift ~13,000 per year, perbenefi--- limits for 529 plans are ~~ ~~ ~ ~ .J reasons. But it was a good time ciary, without incurring gift taxe~. To make sure you under- ~~~ enjoyedt visit andby lOtSeveryoneOf fOOdplusWaSa withstand the tax ramifications of a 52~ plan,your tax advisor.!1 you'll want to consult. ~ ~ ~ bunch of watermelon thatIt may not be easy to put aw~y as much as we'd like for ACROSS 42 TX Robby I~n~oo II1 a ~ ~ rFI~VA~ q came from Randolph Barnett's retirement and college. But youdo have some attractive sav- f IX, Dan BlOCker's.r 43 Gulfftlm: ~r~sL-- to Sm~ Joe" IS I I I I ~t a.~2XZ'XL~ / watermelon patch and picked ings and investment Options. Don'~delay,~'l~ because when saving 'Bonanza o1~ s TXi m'~'sb" hts . r~ ,, TX,sm:"wo_ -- : --~l ,I ~II~.1(--,,.,,~,,Jl~])~.~W~~][~r]/, , .,J~.=~., _ and brought to the gathering for any goal, timeis a great ally. [ as nn " om our amerencea ~ ~ ~ , ~ by Charles Griffith. He had o .... m s:"--~nomasPewas y 45 actor Stodi of "Dances i7,I,I,IEL by Charley & Guy Orbison --/ This article was written by Edv~ard Jones for use by your ...... 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Washington RO. Box 408 Seymour, Texas 76380 Bus. (940) 888-1032 Cell (940) 256-0990 The Call in your news a+d ads to our Toll Free Number I, !l